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Those were the famous words of Martin Luther King.

I, Jay Lans, had a dream too.

The dream was to have a presentation of my creations on a main stage anywhere.

The organization of the KamaSutra erotic fair, gave me the opportunity to use their main stage to fulfill my dream.

On the main stage of the Kamasutra, 16 models gave a fashion show of half an hour.

My parents and uncle were on the KamaSutra as a VIP guest and they were very proud to that they were present on this first large presentation of my creations.

For me, before the show, it was already a successful show.
My parents and uncle received a place in the Champagne bar, from the KamaSutra organization, with a perfect view on the main stage.
Arnold and Berry Mill Music ensured that the oldies were in place on time.

The show ran quite smoothly and was a great success.

At the end of the show I had to come forward and was presented to the public.

I looked at the champagne bar and saw my parents sitting.

Then I thought, I HAD MY DREAM.

Jacob Lans