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Puttershoek upside down

On 26-05-2012, a warm hot Saturday Puttershoek was turned upside down.
The reason was, that I'll Dress U, on the centre of the village Puttershoek, during the Fashion Fair, added a party tent 3 x 6 m. and showed and offered her creations.

Besides the tent there was a permanent concrete stage, which I'll Dress U could use.

It wouldn’t  be I'll Dress U, if we don’t use that permanent concrete stage for a spectacular fashion show.

Together with my partner Arnold we created a spectacular and remarkable day.
For the presentation, we hired the famous television Dragqeens namely
Miss Teddy Pedigree Paul  and Miss Strangee.

It’s sad to mention that this was Miss Teddy her last performance, because a year after this performance she died on the age of 32 years)

To give more spectacle during the day, the fire blower and fire-eater Fire In Style gave various fire shows.

And of course, the cast of I'll Dress U, was present to take care of fabulous fashion shows during the day, on the concrete podium.

After the start of the Fashion Fair, within an hour, the whole village was informed what was happening in the centre of Puttershoek. And it was funny to see, that even a lot of religion people, were curious and came to take a look (on a distance) what

I’ll Dress U presented.

Of course, the presence of the 2 dragqueens was very unknown, so I, Jay Lans am very happy that I, brought the phenomenon dragqueen into the village.

I can tell you all, what I did was not only received to the village Puttershoek.

From all neighbour villages people came over during the day to see this spectacular performers. And I didn’t notify that there we several journalists and photographers present to make report in the locale newspapers.

The week after this weekend, a lot of people complimented me with the performers, we showed during the fair.

And still (after 2 years) a lot of people asked me, JAY WHEN YOU GIVE US SUCH  SHOW AGAIN?

At this moment I got a lot of work to do with my business, but I promise you, in 2015 we are going to do a very big promotion.


The pictures below shows an impression of this spectacle.